Kavannah Yoga

Howard Katz MA, RYT 500


This traditional yoga class will be a “slow flow” class, in which each asana posture) is held long enough to both reap the physical benefits and feel the energetic “signature” of each pose. The class is open to all levels of students, including beginners, and appropriate variations will be offered to everyone if relevant.

Yoga for Arthritis

This specialized class will offer yoga for those who suffer from arthritis. The use of the wall, chairs, and various props will be utilized so that many traditional asanas that are not available to arthritis sufferers due to their condition, will become accessible. Open to all levels of students. Howard will speak with each new student to determine how this class can best benefit them and what modifications should be made. Recent studies have confirmed that yoga can be a useful adjunct in treatment of arthritis.

Yoga for Mood Management 

In today’s hectic world, many of us suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, and other mood disorders. Yoga, it has been shown, can be of great benefit here. The specific asanas chosen for this class will target particular emotional issues and they will be done in a meditative and calming manner. A good deal of emphasis will be places on yogic practices such as pranayama (yogic breathing), mudras (hand/body positions that configure energy in particular ways), and the chanting of mantras (specifically designed sounds that have an energetic/emotional/spiritual resonance). A great deal of current research supports the idea that one’s “mood” and emotional health can be greatly benefitted by these practices. This class is open to all.

Yoga for Seniors 

As we age, we often begin to develop physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, which can be greatly helped by yoga. At Kavannah Yoga, our philosophy is that when we reach “senior” status, we now have the opportunity to engage in a much more intensive spiritual quest. “Seniorhood” is an opportunity, not a burden! Of course, this is made more difficult as physical challenges arise. In our Yoga for Seniors class, the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of seniors will all be addressed.

Yoga for Me

Many men do not feel comfortable coming to a “mixed” yoga class. We will be offering Yoga for Men for that reason. The class will be a basic “slow” Hatha/Vinyasa class, and is appropriate for all levels of students including beginners. Attention will be paid to asanas that are especially useful to men.


Meditation is the heart of yoga! We will be offering classes in meditation which, as is the tradition, will be by donation. All levels, including beginners, are most welcome. Don’t miss out on this core practice of the yoga tradition!