Kavannah Yoga

Howard Katz MA, RYT 500


In this traditional, gentle "slow flow" yoga class, each asana (posture) is held long enough to reap the physical and energetic benefits of the posts.

Yoga for Arthritis

In this specialized class, students will use the wall, chair, props, and appropriate modifications to facilitate safe asanas for people with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, promoting pain relief, increased flexibility, and relaxation.

Mood Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for anxiety, depression, stress, and other m mood disorders, helping students to feel calmer, more relaxed, and happier. The class emphasizes specific postures, breathing, mudras, sounds, and chanting.

Yoga for Seniors 

As we age, we often begin to develop physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, which can be greatly helped by yoga. This class adapts postures, meditation, chanting, and sound healing to the special needs of senior, including those with physical or cognitive limitations. No one is "too old" or "too frail" to participate and benefit. I invite you to use your silver and golden years to increase physical, emotional, and spiritual health and experience Samadhi (the yogic state of bliss and deep connection with all of creation).

Yoga for Me

Many men do not feel comfortable coming to a “mixed” yoga class. This is a basic "slow" Hatha/Vinyasa class that is appropriate for all levels of male students, including beginners. Attention will be paid to postures that are especially useful for men.


Meditation is the heart of yoga and promotes calm, centeredness, and alertness. It is my honor to offer meditation to everyone, regardless of religious/spiritual background and past meditation experience. Medication classes are offered on a donation basis.

Sound Healing

This unique technique uses resonance, rhythm, and tone to deepen and promote deep relaxation and healing and enhance other yoga practices.

I offer group classes as well as private classes in my studio, and would be happy to come to your home or workplace to facilitate your convenience!