Kavannah Yoga

Howard Katz MA, RYT 500


Howie is a knowledgeable instructor who clearly illustrates each yoga movement and has great patients with those who do not pick up quickly. He adapts to the various capabilities of each student and ensures that no one gets hurt by trying to stretch beyond their limits. I felt very confident having Howie as my instructor.

Peter G ~ Age 56, Editor

I took my first class with Howie 8 years ago and felt instantly transformed. It was unlike any yoga class I had taken. After breathing exercises, meditation, asanas, and chakra work, I felt energized, calm, happy, and a sense of clarity. Since then, I have strengthened my body and spirit. I have become more patient and gained more insight into myself and others, enabling me to navigate difficult situations. I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful teacher who is in tune with what my body, mind, and spirit need on any given day.

~ Christine S, Age 50, Attorney

I am a senior with many health problems (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, pain, and depression). Howie comes to my home. I feel energetic and recharged after each class. He explains the deeper spiritual aspects of the postures, which makes them more meaningful. His skills in yoga for depression, arthritis, and seniors have definitely come together when he has worked with me!

~ Elizabeth C, Age 72, Therapist

Howie does yoga with me in my apartment. I don't consider myself a "physically fit" person, but I enjoy the yoga and it helps me feels stronger and deal with my stressful job better.

                                                ~ Sharon K, Age 62, Receptionist

A few years ago, I went through a very difficult time physically and emotionally. Howie was gentle and patient and did yoga with me one-on-one. He understood what I needed and what I was going through and helped me heal and return to my life.
                                                ~ Debra Y, Age 34, Personal Assistant